51N7WKvTmbLThe Road Taken Anyway

From wrecks to wrong turns—and even death—a journey can begin in perilous ways. But what happens when you don’t give up? What happens when you push on despite a bad beginning?

The Central Arkansas Speculative Fiction Writers Group presents twelve stories of trips that start with disaster. The Road Taken Anyway explores the results of such journeys, and will take readers to other planets, parallel universes, and far into the future.

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Coming Around Again51UYiGBtzOL

What goes around…

In the cycle of life – whether microscopic or cosmic – things repeat themselves and add richness and bring surprise to our reality. In celebration of our seventh year as a writing and critiquing force to be reckoned with, we welcome you to the Central Arkansas Speculative Fiction Writers’ Group’s selection of fantasy and science fiction short stories dealing with things cyclic, both good and bad. Birthday parties in a space bar, forced retirement in a magic realm, and a ghostly high school reunion are only some of the stories included in this celebratory anthology. Remember, not all anniversaries celebrate happy occasions, and Coming Around Again encompasses karma as well as chronological events. Enjoy the ride!

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