The Central Arkansas Speculative Fiction Writers Group formed in the Little Rock, Arkansas area in 2008. At our core, we’re a critique group. We meet once a month to provide feedback on each other’s work but we also act as a resource for each other and other local writers in the Central Arkansas area. We come from all walks of life. Some of us are published professionals, some of us are just starting out.


In recent years, we’ve started putting together anthologies as a way to showcase our work, and the work of writers all across the country. Check out our Publications page for info on our first anthology, and keep an eye out for our upcoming books.


To learn more about our members, have a look at our Members page. Our members have made their work available in a variety of places, so this is the best starting point for finding out more about our stories.


Check back here for news on our latest publications, sales announcements, and events!